GCSE Revision eFlashCards

The idea is to print these out and/or load them onto a phone for quick revision before an exam. Currently I am targeting some C/D grade topics the often appear on the higher paper.

Frequency Diagram.jpgFrequency Polygon.JPGScatter Plots.JPGStraight Line Graphs.JPGAlgebra - simplifying.JPGRecipe Questions.JPGAngle Relationships.JPGStem & Leaf.jpgEstimating.JPGUsing Calculations.jpgTwo Way Tables.jpgQuestionnaires.jpg
Estimate the mean from a table.JPGAverages from a table.JPGSequences.jpg
This is very much a work in progress and I will add to these as I get more completed.

Please message me with suggestions both for other topics and/or improvements. Twitter: @stephenbodman or if you want the original files go to googledrive